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Doreen Jones

East Lake High School7

Tarpon Springs, FL | Pinellas County


September 6, 2014

I attended this school all four years of high school and graduated in 2000. I hope it's improved since I went there because it was the worst experience in my life growing up. I'd say half the teachers were good. The other half were collecting a pay check and administration did nothing about crappy teachers even with multiple parent complaints (I don't know why little Jimmy can do well in math...it's not like his teacher should know how to do the math problem herself to instuct him, right?). The students parents were rich and spoiled their kids rotten. I had to work to pay for my car and insurance and they thought I had two heads when I told them if I needed to work on a group project it would have to be during lunch. 14 years later, I'm the one with a house, car, college educated with a career...the little brats are driving their now 16 year old cars, living with mommy and daddy still, and working at Dairy Queen...see how much giving your child everything and sending them to a school that teaches them nothing worked for you?

June 24, 2014

I moved from South Florida thinking the schools the would be better in this area. My child did not perform well in class. I had counselor meetings requesting help so that I can be better informed on the assignments my child must do. I was told that in High schools teachers are not really required to help in such ways but suggested that I put my child on daily report which did not helped because they wouldn't write what is due on the following day only what was not submitted. The parent portal was no help either. Parents should be able to see all upcoming and submitted assignments on line or email.

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October 14, 2013

My daughter is enjoying her first year getting A's & B's which, I contribute to the teaching methods. If the curriculum that goes back to eternity(and it does) is not taught in an interesting way than the students won't stay engaged. Let's face it, new curriculum needs to enter our schools with more focus on everyday life skills& new technologies.More companies need to engage our students at the high school level and not wait until college. By than, we lost the interests of too many kids! I hope they can hold my daughters' interest for an additional 3 more years! I believe four years of high school is a waste of time, used as a holding place to keep them occupied,out of trouble until the last generation retires! If we didn't, our society would have a lot more trouble makers on our hands! It's sad when you think of how much of that OLD Curriculum is not even utilized anymore! Remember the old saying: A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste, well we need to stop wasting theirs! If my daughter graduates from East Lake High then they did their job. Their graduation rate is one of the best! God bless those hard working teachers and staff for keeping them occupied & engaged! Kathleen K

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October 18, 2010

Both of my children are in the Engineering program. The opportunities that they are offered through East Lake are some of the best I could have asked for. Their teachers are mostly passionate about what they are teaching and very knowledgable. They are there for the success of the student and the success of the school. Their athletics department has some of the highest GPA's in the state. The students seem to have pride in their school. There is an issue with drugs but honestly that is the way that it is in most high schools. I am proud that my kids go there and am proud to wear the East Lake garb.

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June 25, 2010

Simply awesome school!!!, one of the best schools my son has ever had! I purely recommend it!

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April 10, 2010

The only thing I like about the school Is that Its In a rich area. Alot of students do drugs here, So I'm switching on to Palm Harbor University High School, It'll actually get you Into a good college. Eastlake High School will not get you Into a good college unless if your in all honors and AP classes. If your In regaular or msap classes you will NOT get accepted in a good college, trust me. I hate the teachers they could careless if your failing. Oh and i absolutley hate the people that attend here because you know everyone smokes,does weed, and all that stupid stuff. I hate drugs. So on & on talking about Eastlake High School the students are ediots,you won't get accepted into a good college, also the teachers don't care.

Submitted by a student

March 2, 2010

I attended East Lake high school all four years and loved it. Like any school it does have it's down falls, although they are at a bare min. I believe that it depends on the student and what opportunities they decide to take. As a student I was very involved taking in all the opportunities possible, although i watched other students disregard the many programs they have to offer. Most of the students have a lot of money. This did cause some problems with drugs. Instead of bullying the biggest concern was keeping the students drug free. Overall I would have to say that besides all of the statistics, it boils down to the student. they decide their friends, classes and involvement. The school is just there for guidance.

March 22, 2009

I attend this school now and if your looking for a good school that would help you get into a good college this is no better then any other high school. The only way it would benefit you is if you in engineering or all honors and AP classes.

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March 25, 2008

I love this school! It is absolutely amazing! With so many programs and available credits that will help me succeed in the future.

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May 13, 2007

Excellent school. Highly recommend it. The principle (Principal Snare) is tremendous and untiring in his efforts to stimulate the students towards excellent behavior and future goals.

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May 25, 2006

strong program, caring parents, involved staff, sports programs are top notch. relatively new facilities make it a shining star in pinellas county

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March 16, 2006

Very good if in honors or advanced placement classes

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August 19, 2005

Well, I'm a freshman at East Lake and I must say, East Lake is a good school. I'm not saying it's amazing or totally whoops Clearwater, Countryside, Tarpon Springs, and other schools' butts but to me it just seems average. I know on August 22 '05 we're (students) going to take a new test called the Kaplan (not too sure about spelling here) Test. SUPPOSEDLY it's better than FCAT and we get our results back (students get to see and that includes teachers). We are also supposed to take this exam 3 times of the school year. The classes are awesome. I mean that by the way the teachers literally teach. They really get into the schoolwork and homework! Yes, the Honors classes are a bit heavy on the homework but you're the cream of the coup there to begin with. There's no parental involvement that I've noticed yet...that's it!

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